House GOP Leader Endorses Romney


By James Pindell

December 21, 2007 02:06 PM

CONCORD , N.H.-- A high profile Republican state lawmaker endorsed Mitt Romney's candidacy today arguing that Romney "is a problem solver", the Globe has learned.

State representative Michael Whalley, of Alton, is the House Minority Leader.

In an interview Whalley said took his time analyzing and meeting all of the Republican presidential candidates and waited to make a decision so as not to influence other lawmakers in their endorsements until they had a chance to meet all the candidates.

"I think now is this time because the primary is coming up soon and if I waited any longer we would be in Christmas time it may not have the same effect," Whalley said.

On the issues he was concerned with illegal immigration.

"We have to protect our borders and Romney has the most reasonable plan," he said.