Romney rails against earmarks - AP

The Associated Press has this report on Governor Romney calling for the removal of thousands of earmarks from the most recent omnibus spending bill passed by Congress:

Romney railsagainst earmarks in budget


BOSTON (AP) _ Republican Mitt Romney, in a statement likely to be well received by fiscal conservatives in early voting Iowa and New Hampshire, on Friday criticized a $555 billion budget deal approved by Congress this week for including thousands of earmarks for legislative projects.

''This is exactly the type of fiscal irresponsibility that the American people have demanded that those in Washington end. Yet, this bill brings the total number of earmarks Congress has approved this year to nearly 11,900 earmarks,'' the former Massachusetts governor said.

Romney applauded President Bush, a fellow Republican, for pledging to use executive authority to examine the budget deal and see if he can rescind some of the spending. The president, however, lacks the line-item veto, which would allow him to excise individual spending.

Romney said: ''As president, I pledge to use every available method to eliminate wasteful earmarks in the federal budget. One such tool is returning to the president the power to make line-item vetoes. Change in Washington begins when we change the culture that allows earmarks, pet projects and wasteful spending to thrive in the place of being good fiscal stewards of the taxpayers' money.''