Clinton Campaign - Update, 3709 Women

* If You Read One Thing Today: Another major NH paper endorses Hillary. The Keene Sentinel says “ she is as personable, passionate and persuasive as any American political figure in recent memory ” and “ has the best health-insurance proposal of all the candidates.”

Check it out here:

* Making News Today: Joined by her mother Dorothy and daughter Chelsea, Hillary attends “Moms and Daughters Making History” events in the Granite State today. In addition, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign will announce the names of 3,709 Women for Hillary. With less than 20 days until the primary, the announcement is yet another sign of the continuing momentum Hillary continues to build across the state. Get more details here:

*A family affair: Hillary, Dorothy, and Chelsea reached out to NH voters yesterday along with Republican Jeff Volk – whom Hillary helped when his family was stuck in Hurricane Katrina. Jeff spoke to Hillary’s ability to work in a bipartisan fashion and appeal to independents and voters across the aisle. Read about it here:

* A Bold Claim: Last night Sen. Obama claimed he has more foreign policy advisors who served in the Clinton Administration supporting him than Hillary does. Is he right? See for yourself:

* Washington Blade Endorses HRC: The influential LGBT newspaper not only cites Hillary’s strong record on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, but also lauds her experience and ability to address the global challenges that the country faces. Read the editorial here:

* Sen. Obama Still Struggling to Explain ‘Present’ Votes: Asked directly on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” why he was the only IL state senator to vote ‘present’ on a bill allowing victims of sexual abuse to protect their privacy by having court records sealed, Sen. Obama refused to address the specific vote. Watch the segment here:

* Opponents Hurl Attacks: As Hillary continues to build momentum heading into Iowa and NH, her opponents are going negative. Yesterday, Gov. Richardson tried to tar Hillary by claiming she flip-flopped on Iraq. Not true, a number of blogs pointed out. Read more here: