Edwards Campaign - Week in Review, plus a look ahead

“Every time that we stand up for 135,000 people in New Hampshire who have no health care coverage, America rises. Every time we speak up for the 85,000 Granite Staters living in poverty, America rises. You can feel the New Hampshire voters rising up right now and giving voice to all those in this country who deserve a voice – for the poor, for the disenfranchised, for the working middle class in America. That’s what this election is about.”-John Edwards

America Rising. New Hampshire Rising. Edwards Rising: “But rising on the outside is John Edwards.” (The Nation)

The Week in Review

New Hampshire was rocking this week as John Edwards returned for two days of Graniteroots campaigning with Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne. Excited, overflow crowds met the rock star at every turn, and Bonnie and Jackson got their share of attention, too.

The Closing Argument

In the final stretch, Edwards has been making a strong closing argument about his vision of America Rising and the need to elect a president who will fight entrenched interests on behalf of hardworking Americans. And New Hampshire noticed:

Portsmouth Herald: 700 voters at the Frank Jones Center Wednesday

Nashua Telegraph:This will be the second time I've seen him,” Cook said, then pointing to the campaign's 75-page blueprint titled, The Plan to Build One America. “He's the only candidate doing this, offering this kind of detail, and I think it's great.”

Valley News:I was impressed by him. I liked his ideas. I liked the firmness that he's expressing about the changes he wants to make,” said Frank Fahey, a retired educator from Claremont also considering Obama's candidacy. “I don’t think we see that, even though I like Obama, I don't think we see that firmness from Obama or Clinton.”

Concord Monitor: They said they are Edwards supporters but wanted to see him one last time before the primary to be sure of their vote. Ron St. Jean said he was convinced again by what he called Edwards's "Kennedy-like" ability to inspire.

On the Air

On Monday, the Edwards campaign released a new NH ad entitled “Fight,” which features John Edwards speaking directly to New Hampshire voters about the epic battle we face to strengthen the middle class in this country and return the power in Washington to everyday working families. You can view the ad here: http://johnedwards.com/media/video/fight-nh/

A Couple Other People Noticed, Too

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Slate: In Manchester on Wednesday, Barack Obama did his best John Edwards imitation: "I am running to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda are over.

CNN: Just one day after a challenge from presidential rival John Edwards to commit to raising the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton announced that she had already introduced legislation to do just that.

Chicago Tribune: Barack Obama is ratcheting up a populist message that echoes a signature theme of rival Democrat John Edwards.

But …

It looks like voters prefer the real thing.

Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic: at almost every event in recent days, Edwards has gotten standing ovations. At the end.

The Week Ahead

From everybody here at JEFP-NH, we wish you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas. But it’s hard to stop when you’re riding momentum, so John Edwards will be back in New Hampshire on December 26th to rally the troops and talk to voters at two town hall events.