Clinton Campaign - Quad City Times for Hillary

* If You Read One Thing Today:  The Quad City Times, a major daily newspaper in Iowa, endorses Hillary for president. Citing her record of achievement and ability to work across the aisle, the editorial calls her “a proven, passionate, intelligent leader with a breadth of legislative and executive experience that is the best of a good bunch.” Read the entire endorsement here:

* Making News Today:  Hillary heads back to Iowa where she’ll outline her plan to take care of America’s veterans and also get endorsed by a few prominent ones. She'll also discuss her plans to encourage adoption today.

* AP takes a substantive look at Sen. Obama’s record and finds his positions have shifted on a number of sensitive issues, concluding, “If he wanted, the Barack Obama of today could have a pretty good debate with the Barack Obama of yesterday.”  Read it here:

* Sasso on Hillary: John Sasso – a Democratic Party icon – penned an op-ed on why Hillary is the most electable Democrat and is a “formidable political leader.” Read it here:

* Recapping Yesterday: Joined by her mother and daughter, Hillary made her pitch to women voters in NH yesterday, presenting an agenda for families and children based on her 35 years of working for real change. The campaign also released the names of 3500 women supporting her historic candidacy. Read about it here:

* The Labor Candidate: As momentum continues to build for Hillary in IA, she picked up the endorsement of three notable Iowa labor leaders and AFL-CIO board members yesterday. Read about it here: