Clinton Campaign - Standing with Veterans and Honoring Their Service

Hillary Clinton has built a record of fighting for our veterans to ensure our country fulfills its obligations to those who have served and sacrificed for the nation. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Hillary Clinton has been a champion for the very best treatment of our troops, veterans, and their families – while they are serving and when they return – since long before America learned about the abuses at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

As First Lady, she helped call attention to Gulf War Syndrome. As a Senator and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Hillary has seen the incredible courage of our troops and has been a relentless advocate for veterans and for the men and women currently serving in our military. Hillary has cosponsored legislation which passed Congress that expanded the Family Medical Leave Act to cover families of wounded warriors. She fought, along with Senator Lindsay Graham, to expand access to military health care benefits to all Guard and Reserve members. She cosponsored the Military Death Benefit Improvement Act to raise the military survivor benefit from $12,000 to $100,000. And she authored legislation to ensure that when a single parent service member makes the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our nation, the service member’s minor child or children and their guardian have access to needed military death and survivor benefits.

Hillary also cosponsored the Dignified Treatment of Wounded Warriors Act, which provides increased funding for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder and calls for a joint electronic health record for the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Continuing the Fight as President

When Hillary is President, she will make sure that every member of our armed forces will receive a fair shot at the American Dream when their service is over. She will ensure that every veteran in America will have health care. She will work so that every veteran receives the benefits they have earned and the assistance they need – right from the start. And she will make sure no soldier ever loses a bonus because he or she has been injured in service. As President, Hillary will:

Enact a GI Bill of Rights for the Twenty-first Century. Hillary will enact a GI Bill of Rights for the 21st century that will offer service members, veterans and their families with expanded education, housing and entrepreneurial benefits. Her plan will fund undergraduate education for service members, as well as education for specialized trade or technical training, and certification and licensing programs. She will expand the VA Home Loan Guaranty program to allow veterans to use low-interest, no-fee loans to purchase, build or improve a home valued up to $625,000. She will establish a Veterans Microloan Program to provide veterans with no-collateral, low-interest microloans of up to $100,000 for entrepreneurial ventures.

Provide Affordable and Quality Health Care for All Veterans. As President, Hillary will ensure that all of the 1.8 million uninsured veterans in this country have access to quality, affordable health care. She will restore the Clinton-era policy that opened the VA's excellent and cost-effective health care system to all veterans who seek to enroll. She will make a long-term commitment to the VA system to ensure it is adequately funded and has the capacity to avoid backlogs and to handle greater enrollments. And she will provide coverage through the American Health Choices Plan to all veterans who choose not to use the VA system.

Ensure All Veterans Receive the Benefits They Have Earned and the Assistance They Need -- Right from the Start. As President, Hillary will commit to getting a fair, accurate, and timely decision for every veteran filing a disability claim. She will increase the number of qualified VA evaluators to reduce the backlog of claims. She will provide fast-track training for new claims specialists and expand the Benefits at Discharge Program to smooth the transition from service to discharge for all those who serve our country.

Extend Hiring Preferences to Veterans-friendly Contractors. Today, there are between 7.2 and 7.6 million federal contractors, 2 million more than there were five years ago. The privatization of government by the Bush administration has meant veterans are losing job opportunities, because contractors do not necessarily have the same hiring policies as the federal government. Hillary will restore and expand job opportunities for veterans by working to establish a system through which federal contractors afford veterans hiring preference comparable to the federal government preferences.

Expand the Helmets to Hardhats Program. Hillary will increase funding for the Helmets to Hardhats program. This program links veterans with local job opportunities in the construction and trade industries by offering apprenticeship programs that teach veterans through on-the-job training supplemented by classroom instruction.

Give Veterans Additional Opportunities to Serve. Hillary will make vouchers worth up to $10,000 available to returning veterans who want to serve in AmeriCorps and select not-for-profit organizations. These organizations would provide at least $5,000 to supplement the voucher. This system will help veterans create normal routines and reenter their communities while doing meaningful work serving their country. Hillary will make this subsidy available to as many as 20,000 veterans a year.

Reduce Homelessness among Veterans. In 2006, nearly 200,000 veterans were homeless on any given night. Hillary will establish a pilot program on homelessness prevention for veterans that will provide subsidies, eviction prevention, and one-time assistance for veterans who fall behind on their rent. She will also expand rental assistance for veterans by calling on Congress to fund an additional 20,000 housing choice vouchers exclusively for homeless veterans.

Expand Veterans Homeownership. Hillary will make homeownership more affordable for veterans. Veterans will receive a 50% discount on foreclosed properties in the government's inventory, which currently stands at 35,000 homes. And she will eliminate the upfront fees on VA mortgages for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who take out VA loans within two years of leaving active duty.

When Hillary is President, she will summon the resources to give our veterans the health care, benefits and support they deserve. Our troops and veterans have served America, and it is time that America served them back.