House Republican Alliance initiates action against Judge Patricia Coffey

The leadership of the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (HRA) announced today that they have initiated a bill of address and impeachment proceedings against Judge Patricia C. Coffey in the wake of the recommendation by the Judicial Conduct Committee (JCC) that she be censured and suspended.

“This action is necessary to preserve the reputation of absolute integrity of our judiciary in the eyes of the public. A judge must be held to the highest standards. Unfortunately, Judge Coffey’s admitted actions are not of the highest standards and could damage the judiciary’s reputation,” said Co-chairman Rep. Andy Renzullo (R-Hudson).

In November of 2007, Coffey admitted that she had violated judicial ethics rules by helping shield her husband's assets from creditors as he was being disbarred in 2005. On Friday, December 21, after months of investigation, the JCC recommended that Coffey be censured and suspended for three months without pay.

"For the sake of judicial integrity, the HRA calls for the House Rules committee to allow these proposals to move forward," said Rep. D.J. Bettencourt(R-Salem), "We second the sentiment expressed by Governor John Lynch that Judge Coffee resign. This matter concerns the loss of an individual's livelihood and therefore is being taken seriously, but the integrity of the judiciary is more important than a single judge.

The purpose of the House Republican Alliance is to preserve and strengthen the traditional principles and values of the Republican Party through the NH House of Representatives and throughout the state of NH, including fiscal restraint, personal freedom and responsibility, small government, free enterprise and strong families.

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