Clinton Campaign - Stakes

If You Watch One Thing Today: The campaign unveiled a new TV ad airing in IA and NH that makes clear what’s at stake in this election. Watch the 30-second spot, “Stakes,” here:

And stay tuned to today to see the campaign’s first TV ad in South Carolina.

*For the sixth consecutive year, Hillary was named the most admired woman in the world in a Gallup poll released yesterday. She was picked by 18 percent of respondents, her highest standing since 2000. Read it here:

*Making News Today: Hillary continues the “Big Challenges, Real Solutions: Time To Pick A President” tour today with events in Lawton, Denison, Carroll, and Guthrie Center. Introducing her at different events will be Mark Nicholson, a farmer from New York; Connie Gronstal, a local activist and social worker from the Council Bluffs area; and Steve Brennan, a Retired UAW and local activist. President Clinton will have a full slate of events as well.

*Recapping Yesterday: Hillary began her final push before the caucus at an event in southeastern Iowa with her husband, daughter and former Iowa Gov. and First Lady Tom and Christie Vilsack, by stressing the problems the next president will face the day they are inaugurated. "That person will go to the Oval office and on the desk in the Oval office will be a stack of problems." she said. Read more here:

In events in Pella and Cumming, Hillary emphasized the need to deliver change from the direction President Bush has taken the nation, noting her record of working together to set – and achieve – goals. Read about it here:

*Hill’s Angels Roll Through Iowa: Teams of supporters called “Hill’s Angels” will be traveling to IA communities the day before Hillary’s arrival to meet with supporters and volunteers, talk with Iowans about Hillary’s plan to address the nation’s big challenges, and thank Iowans for the kindness and generosity they have demonstrated throughout the campaign. The effort will be led by Terry McAuliffe, Ann Lewis and Judy Lichtman. Read more here:

* Edges Huckabee in Arkansas: Hillary dominates the Democratic primary in Arkansas and even edges the state’s former Governor Mike Huckabee in the red state, according to a new poll. More here:

* I’ve Switched to Hillary: As Hillary’s momentum continues to build in IA, Bob McFadden of Muscatine County, an ironworker and former Barack Obama campaign labor steering committee member, has switched his support to Hillary. Read his story here:

* Key Endorsement: National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) President and Georgia State Representative Calvin Smyre endorsed Hillary. Rep. Smyre, who endorsed Hillary in his individual capacity, is a past Chairman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and a past President of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials. Read about it here:

* Foreign Policy Support: The campaign released a list of more than 200 foreign policy experts and former officials supporting Hillary for President. More than 150 served in the Administration of President Bill Clinton, and the group includes two former secretaries of state, the former secretary of defense, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the former permanent representative to the United Nations, as well as the next generation of America’s foreign policy leaders. Read the list here: