Clinton Campaign - Time to Pick a President

* If You Read One Thing Today: The Des Moines Register looks at the campaign’s closing message to Iowa voters: America faces a war abroad and a troubled economy at home -- critical moments that demand a President who is tested, ready to lead on Day 1 and offers real solutions to the big challenges we face. And that person is Hillary Clinton. Read the story here:

* Making News Today: Hillary kicks off the “Big Challenges, Real Solutions: Time To Pick A President” tour today in Mt. Pleasant, IA with President Clinton, and Tom & Christie Vilsack. The tour also includes stops today in Pella and Cumming. Get more details:

* Hillary Wins Over GOP Skeptics: A story in the St. Petersburg Times looks at Hillary’s success in winning over Republicans in conservative upstate New York. As a senator she has impressed conservative constituents with her hard work and knowledge of issues important to them. Read more here:

* Devoted to Hillary: The Washington Post takes a look at Nicole Vance, a field organizer for Hillary's Iowa campaign, following her go door-to-door. Nicole explains that the reason she works day and night for Hillary in tough conditions and for modest pay is: “She's been fighting for issues I care about for 35 years." Read the profile: