Governor Romney's remarks to reporters on today's events in Pakistan

Governor Romney offered remarks to reporters while campaigning in Nashua this morning on the news that Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated in Pakistan.

Here is video and a transcript of Governor Romney’s remarks to reporters:

Governor Romney On The Events In Pakistan (Media Availability, Nashua, NH):

Governor Mitt Romney: "This points out again the extraordinary reality of global, violent, radical Jihadism. We don’t know who is responsible for this attack, but there's no question but that the violence that we see throughout the world is violence which is not limited to Iraq and Afghanistan, but is more global in nature. And this type of loss of life points out again the need for our nation and other civilized nations of the West and of the Muslim world to come together to support moderate Islamic leaders and moderate Islamic people and to help them in their effort to reject the violent and the extreme. The world is very much at risk by virtue of these radical,violent extremists, and we must come together in an effort, in great haste and with great earnestness to help overcome the threat of the spread of radical,violent jihad."

Reporter: "Governor, is there any possibility that General Musharraf might have been involved…"

Governor Romney: "At this stage, we don't know the nature of this particular attack, and in time we’ll find out. And so at this stage, we can only speculate as to what might have been the source of this particular attack. Of course, attacks have been occurring over the past several weeks in Pakistan, and the turbulence there certainly flows from the instability associated with northwestern Pakistan and the Taliban and Al Qaeda forces in that part of the country.

Reporter: "Given that instability there, does it make you reconsider General Musharraf's decision to declare martial law and to understand better why he did that perhaps?"

Governor Romney: "I believe it was a mistake. I believe as well that martial law was principally imposed by him to protect himself from a political challenge and a challenge from the Supreme Court and others and believed that it was not a productive course for his nation."

Reporter: "Have the United States put too much trust in General Musharraf?"

Governor Romney: "I don’t know that we can assess the political process that has been under way in Pakistan to determine exactly where we put our greatest support. Obviously, we have also encouraged a political process which included Madame Bhutto and Mr. Sharif. We have had interest in seeing a progression toward more democratic leadership and governance in Pakistan. Our nation was disappointed with the declaration of martial law, as has been pronounced by the President. So I don't know that we could make that assessment at this stage."