Ed Mosca to Unveil His Endorsement on MCAM

Manchester, NH – Ed Mosca will finally endorse a candidate for President at 9:30 p.m. this evening on his MCAM show, The Ed Mosca Show.  Last week, Mosca "eliminated" three contenders, winnowing the choices down to the "Big 3."  Tonight the "Big 3" becomes the "Big 1." 

The criteria used by Mosca is the electable candidate who most embodies the political philosophy of Ronald Reagan.  Mosca pointed out that his endorsement was not solicited and that he is not affiliated with any campaign.  Said Mosca, "I'm not being paid to do this; nor do I expect to get anything from this, which sets this endorsement apart from virtually every guest op-ed I've read in our local newspapers."  Mosca is one of the few authentic Reagan Republicans left in increasingly blue New Hampshire 

Don't worry if you missed last week's show.  Mosca, in his inimitable and irrepressible manner, will review how and why he arrived at tonight's "Big 3."  For those who do not get MCAM, try http://www.mcam23.com/mpeg/movies/09PoliticalEditorial/EdMoscaShow/, which is where previous shows can be located.  Hopefully, tonight's show will be "up" in the near future.