SEIU Members and Health Care Voters Launch New Ads on Eve of First Caucuses and Primaries

Voters,Caucus Goers Urged to Choose Candidate Who Will Stand With Workers, Fix HealthCare Crisis-

Members of the nation’s fastest growing union announced new ads inearly primary and caucus states to urge voters and caucus goers to choosecandidates who will make a difference in workers’ lives and ensure everyAmerican has health care. The ads will appear on billboards in airports and on highwaysas well as on mobile billboards in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolinaand Nevada.

“SEIU members and health care voters have been out front engagingcandidates and voters on the issues that matter to workers this election likenever before,” said SEIU Secretary-Treasurer AnnaBurger. “These billboards are a final reminder aboutwhat this election is really about—a paycheck that supports a family,health care for all, and creating a new American Dream.”

The billboards urge voters and caucus goers to go to the polls nextmonth to choose a presidential candidate who will stand up for workers and makehealth care a top priority. The mobile billboards will join health care votersholding caucus trainings, distributing health care comparisons of all the Democraticand Republican candidates, and at other events signing up health care voters.


The billboards feature an SEIU corrections officer and a social workerin New Hampshire; a dietician in Iowa; and a school custodian in South Carolina. SEIU members have appearedon billboards in these early states since January.  


SEIUmembers and health care voters have spent more time engaging the candidates onreal issues than in any past election. Six presidential candidates have walkeda day in SEIU members’ shoes; nearly every Democratic candidate released acomprehensive health care plan; five presidential candidates attendedSEIU’s Member Political Action Conference; and health care voters havebeen attending candidate events to ask Republicans and Democrats their plansfor ensuring affordable coverage for all Americans.


You can view the billboards at