Edwards Calls on Customized Structures to Honor its Obligation to its Workers

(Manchester, NH)Senator John Edwards released the following statement today in light of Customized Structures, Inc’s refusal to pay its 122 employees full severance after they were laid off last week.

“The dedicated men and women who have given years of hard work to Customized Structures deserve better than runarounds and raw deals. Having lived through the closing of the mill where my father and so many of our friends worked, I understand in a personal way the challenges being faced by the hard working men and women who have just lost their jobs at Customized Structures. Those workers played by the rules, and their company needs to do the same by immediately following the law and paying each of them 60 days of severance pay. I applaud Governor Lynch’s work on behalf of these workers, and I will do everything I can to make sure that these workers are given the respect they have earned and deserve.”