Edwards Campaign - Weekly Backgrounder - 12.28.07

With only 6 days until the Iowa caucuses and 11 until the New Hampshire Primary, it looks like someone …

LA Times: Obama slams Edwards…


Chicago Sun Times: Obama slams Edwards


CNN Political Ticker: Obama rips Edwards…


Washington Post: Obama criticizes Edwards’ record


CNN, Bill Schneider: Edwards, McCain positioned to shake up race

Boston Globe: Edwards may be closer than he appears

But we understand the panic. If you’ve never been through this before, it can be a little scary.

The Week in Review

Fortunately, if you’re feeling frightened, we've got just the thing to calm you down. John Edwards is laying out a vision for real change in this country in the final two weeks before the primary, and he is turning heads, attracting blowout crowds, and winning supporters.

Edwards was here in New Hampshire on December 26th crisscrossing the state. He knocked on doors in Nashua, answered voters’ questions (remember how candidates are supposed to do that?) at town halls in North Conway and Laconia, sat down with the editorial board of the Conway Daily Sun, and finished off the day by joining volunteers in Manchester and Salem for some phonebanking.

Talking with Voters in North Conway and Laconia

Laconia Citizen: Edwards’ big finish: It’s the middle class

Edwards, 54, wasted no time in asking those gathered at the historic mill to vote in a president who is willing to challenge the special interest groups that he feels have taken power away from the people.

Conway Daily Sun: Edwards: Corporate greed killing the American dreamEdwards spoke passionately about providing a better life for future generations during his 50-minute visit. He was the first member of his family to go to college. His father worked in mills for 36 years, and his grandfather, who was partially paralyzed, also worked his whole career in the mills.

Concord Monitor: Edwards makes presidential push

The former North Carolina senator, on a 300-mile, one-day campaign tour through New Hampshire, stuck to populist themes for what he hopes will be an Edwards presidency.

"You'd better choose someone as your candidate who's ready for this battle. Nice words will not change anything," Edwards said in Conway.

Grassroots Outreach in Nashua, Manchester and Salem

Union Leader: Edwards meets NH voters before return to Iowa

Edwards yesterday also rolled out the campaign's eighth ad , which will air through the state's Jan. 8 primary. Titled "Power," it features Edwards promising to "confront people who exploit their power for personal advantage." It's a common refrain for the ex-tort lawyer and son of a mill worker.

"My fight is not with politicians. My fight is on behalf of the kind of people that I grew up (with) who deserve a real chance in this country, who are all over this state," Edwards said. "I think also it's important to have a president willing to fight the corporate power and greed going on in America today that's doing incredible damage to the middle class."

The Week Ahead

While both John and Elizabeth Edwards campaign through Iowa, JEFP-NH will be working hard and expanding our grassroots base. With seventeen offices open in the state, volunteers making tens of thousands of calls each night, and voters turning to support John Edwards in droves, we’ll be more than ready to ride the Io-wave.

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