Gov Richardson Campaign Launches Granite State Independents for Richardson

Former Republican Activist, Colby-Sawyer Professor Hilary Cleveland to Chair Grassroots Organization

Manchester, NH— The New Hampshire for Richardson campaign today launched the Granite State Independents for Richardson steering committee. The coalition of independents will help grow the campaign’s strong grassroots organization in New Hampshire.

Hilary Cleveland, a professor at Colby-Sawyer College, will chair the Granite State Independents for Richardson steering committee. Cleveland was an active leader in Republican politics for many years. She is the widow of James Cleveland, the nine-term Republican Congressman from NewHampshire’s 2nd District. In 2004, she changed her political affiliation from Republican to “Undeclared” and voted in the Democratic primary.

“The continuous American troop presence in Iraq has damaged our diplomatic relations in the world,” said Cleveland. “I trust Bill Richardson to bring our troops home from Iraq swiftly and safely. He’s the right leader at the right time.”

Hilary Cleveland was appointed by Ronald Reagan to serve on the national Advisory Council on Continuing Education.

She also served as finance chair for George H.W. Bush’s 1980 New Hampshire primary campaign and was appointed to the International Joint Commission by President Bush in 1990.

“As Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson has been fiscally responsible,” said Cleveland. “He has balanced budgets, he has given incentives to high-tech and renewable energy companies that create the jobs of the future, and he has even cut taxes. Bill Richardson understands that we must stop the irresponsible deficit spending inWashington.”

In his New Mexico gubernatorial reelection, Bill Richardson won with sixty-nine percent of the total vote, including forty percent of the Republicans who voted.

“Governor Richardson has proven he can work with members of both parties to get things done,” said Cleveland. “His skill as a negotiator will allow him to create bipartisan solutions for tough issues.”

Granite State Independents for Richardson Steering Committee:
Hilary Cleveland- New London (Chair)

Dave Berman- Rumney

D. Wright Downs- Springfield

Kristine Stollar - Lee

Dave Littlefield - Somersworth

PatrickHaggerty - Franconia

Ken McNeill - Washington

Wil Brassard - Peterborough

Charmaine Bertrand - Hudson

David Rosen - Temple

Betty Moore - Hampton

Linda Fernald - Nottingham

Jaclyn Haubach - Portsmouth

Jean Lavin - Gilford

Brad Taylor - Canterbury

Robin McBrearty - Concord

Dr. Carla Kirsh - Marlow