Clinton Campaign - Two New Polls Shows Clionton Leads IA by 5-7 Points

AP-Pew poll also shows strong double-digit leads in NH and SC; Clinton leading on important issues, most electable

Hillary Clinton leads all Democrats in Iowa, according to a new AP-Pew poll showing her leading by 5 points, and an Iowa State poll showing her ahead by 7. In addition, new AP-Pew polls show her leading by 19 in New Hampshire and 14 in South Carolina. The polls also show her ahead on the issues most important to voters, as well as the most electable Democrat:


· Hillary leads the AP-Pew poll with 31 percent, compared to 26 percent for Obama and 19 percent for Edwards.

· In addition, the new Iowa State University poll shows Hillary ahead with 31 percent, compared to 24 percent for Edwards, and 20 percent for Obama.

New Hampshire:

· Hillary leads the AP-Pew poll with 38 percent, doubling each of her opponents. Obama follows with 19 percent, and Edwards at 15 percent.

South Carolina:

· Hillary leads the AP-Pew poll with 45 percent, followed by Obama at 31 percent, and Edwards at 10 percent.

· Hillary and Obama are even among black voters in SC, and Hillary leads by 3-to-1 among white voters.

Support among key groups:

· In the AP-Pew polls , Hillary has amassed strong support among female, older, less-educated and lower-income Democrats -- significant because women and older voters in particular have dominated these primaries and caucuses in the past.

· Hillary leads among women in each state, drawing the support of nearly half of women in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and more than a third in Iowa.

Issues :

· In all three early states, Democrats trust Hillary more than her rivals on Iraq. She has double-digit leads in Iowa and New Hampshire on which candidate would make the wisest decisions about the war, and is tied in South Carolina.

· On health care, she doubles every opponent on who would best improve the country's medical system -- in each of the three states polled.

· Democrats in each state overwhelmingly call Hillary the Democrat with the best chance of winning the White House.