Clinton Campaign - Serious and Substantive

* If You Read One Thing Today: An analysis by the Washington Post of Sen. Obama's new health care ad finds it "misleading" and says that it "misrepresents some newspaper assessments" of his health care plan. Read it here:

* Recapping Yesterday: Hillary pressed President Bush to adopt a new policy towards Pakistan, including an international, independent investigation into Mrs. Bhutto's death. Read more:

* Serious and Substantive: The Washington Post looks at how the candidates responded to the tragedy in Pakistan and singles out Hillary for being serious and substantive while condemning Sen. Obama for trying to blame the tragedy on Hillary. Read it here:

In addition, General Wes Clark responded to the attack by the Obama campaign, saying: "This is a time for leadership, not politics." Read the entire statement:

* Making News Today: Hillary continues the "Big Challenges, Real Solutions: "Time To Pick A President" tour today with events in Eldridge, Clinton, Maquoketa, Dubuque, and Manchester. She'll be joined on the trail by Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.