Sen Dodd on Sen Biden's Defense of Iraq War Vote: 'RATIONAL' Isn't a Word I'd Use RE: Bush

DES MOINES, IA - Senator and Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd today released the following statement regarding Senator Joe Biden's comments in the Des Moines Register defending his vote authorizing the war in Iraq, and saying he thought President Bush acted "rationally" up until that point.

"Joe and I agree on many things, but 'rational' is not a word I would attach to this President's approach to the war. We were misled by an Administration that manipulated intelligence to sell a false bill of goods to the country. As I've said before it was a mistake to trust them, and continuing to try to justify our actions now won't change that fact.

"What we can do now is end this war. That is why I also disagree with Joe's support to continue funding this misguided war. It's time to end this war and the only way to get that done is to end funding for combat operations."

Biden defends Democrats' OK of Iraq war

Adel, Ia. -- Joe Biden found himself inadvertently defending President Bush's nearly five-year-old Iraq invasion after the Delaware senator was confronted about congressional Democrats' authorization of the war.

The discussion began after Biden, criticizing the president's policies regarding Iran to about 80 people at the Adel Public Library, cited a recent national intelligence report that said Iran abandoned its weapons production in 2003.

"How can you believe all that?" interjected Dean Costlow, 67, of Winterset, who said it was contradictory for Congress to take current findings seriously when it was failed intelligence that resulted in the war in Iraq.

It wasn't necessarily failed intelligence, Biden said, but misuse of it. He defended his vote, saying it was a directive to the United Nations to keep sanctions on Iraq. If not, the United States would have the permission to act.

"Up to this time, Bush had acted rationally," Biden said. "Everybody says they knew he would not keep the spirit of the agreement. Not true. Go back and read the major editorials of the liberal newspapers in America. He had acted rationally in Afghanistan. He didn't go to war immediately - he built the bill of particulars."

Biden's proposal for a federalized Iraq also took a major hit Friday when Bush announced his plans to veto a military bill that contains the Biden-Brownback Plan for Iraq. The plan was overwhelmingly approved by Congress, and Biden expressed confidence earlier this week that Bush would sign the bill. Bush said he was uncomfortable with a provision that allowed victims of former dictator Saddam Hussein to sue Iraq under U.S. law.