Kucinich Campaign - Standing Room Only Crowd Heard What They Came To Hear

Concord, NH- The standing room only crowd heard what they came to hear as Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich stood on top of a counter designed to hold his campaign material. "I want to talk to you first about having the courage to vote for what you want. If you want a health care system that covers all our people, if you want to stop this illegal war and if you want your president to work for peace, you can have that by casting a courageous vote on January 8th." The loud response and applause from over 150 people at the Kucinich campaign office open house in Concord, NH was immediate, making it difficult to hear his next comment, "This is a campaign the people can win for themselves!"

"The private insurance companies have a stranglehold on the health care of America," Kucinich said. "One in three health care dollars goes directly to the for-profit industry. That's 700 billion dollars a year that don't go to the health care industry. You are already paying for Universal Health Care, and the question you want to ask all the other candidates is, why aren't you getting it? Ask them why they don't believe you deserve it now." This was in reference to the National Health Care Plan Kucinich is sponsoring in Congress, HR 676, which provides coverage to all, and pays for itself by reallocating the dollars currently being spent in the for-profit health care system. "More than half the people who file for bankruptcy do so after the illness of someone they love."

"We want peace too!" came the unidentified voice to his right. "Don't worry," laughed Kucinich. "We're going to get there."

"We're going to have health care for everyone, and we're going to support our troops by ending this war we were lied into and you are going to drive that home when you have the courage to vote for what you want," Kucinich told the excited crowd.

"As I drive across your beautiful state," Kucinich continued, "with so many pristine rural areas, it's easy to understand the need to protect what we have. We do that by rejecting more nuclear power plants, saying no to coal, and when we move away from oil we're making our move toward protecting our world in more than one way."

Kucinich turned toward the earlier voice, "We must restore the moral authority of our nation as we work to solve the world's problems with the other nations in the world. We will have peace with the Arab nations because we will show them when a wrong is done it will be followed by a right."

"When I'm the President, those who lied to the American people and took us a war that has taken the lives of 4,000 Americans, and over one million innocent Iraqi civilians, will be held accountable!" As Kucinich paused, his supporters let their feelings be known, a few said loudly, "Impeach them now, Dennis!" Kucinich raised his hands, "Think about this with your heart.

One million people who lived as we do, their lives were cut short, those they love have been taken from them forever, their dreams--just like the dreams we have for our families--are never to be fulfilled. If we are ever to have peace, we must be accountable to the law of the land. In a Kucinich administration, that law applies to everybody."

"As your president, I will work with neighboring nations to build coalitions for peace. But there will never be peace, only more and a longer war, if we stay there." Kucinich continued, "If I'm to be the President, the people who vote will have to look closer at how we came to be in this war. Remember," Kucinich paused, "I led the successful organized resistance to this war in the House; this war had to go through the Senate, they didn't stop it when they had the chance. Never forget it was a Democratic Senate in 2002 that approved this war. Now they say they're sorry; now they say they were misled; now they say they'll put an end to the war but every time they vote to fund the war they're voting to reinstate the war," Kucinich told the crowd. "They'll bring it to an end but they tell you they can't do that until 2013! I'll stop it immediately."

"You can have what you want if you have the courage to vote for it." Kucinich let that sink in as he dismounted and headed for the door to shake the hands and take the pictures and meet those who came here to love him.

"I was blown away by the inspiration," said Dick deSeve of Gilmanton, NH, accompanied by his wife, Sue. Then he added, "the hope and the energy I feel and see here today is something we've been missing in this country." Sue quietly volunteered her impression, "What separates him from all the rest for me is the truth he tells, he says what his plans are, plain and simple, and he wouldn't hurt people to help corporations." deSeve said he plans to be back at the office located at 33 S. Main street in Concord "to do what I can to help out. One guy can't do it by himself."