Edwards for President Unveils New Television Ad in New Hampshire Entitled 'Together'

Ad comes as Edwards kicks off “Building a Better America Week”

(Manchester, NH) – On the first day of “Building a Better America Week,” the John Edwards for President campaign unveiled its latest New Hampshire television ad entitled “Together.” The ad features John Edwards speaking directly to New Hampshire voters about the critical importance of guaranteeing truly universal health care to every man, woman, and child in America.

“John Edwards has been standing up to the insurance companies, drug companies, and HMOs on behalf of everyday, working people his entire life,” said New Hampshire state director Beth Leonard. “When he is president, he will continue to fight them head on. John Edwards believes that we can achieve universal health care because there is nothing we cannot do if we do it together.”

Edwards was the first candidate to introduce a truly universal health care plan in February of this year. He has also been the most candid about how his universal mandate will be enforced: http://johnedwards.com/issues/health-care/

"Together" is the fourth ad to air in New Hampshire since the summer.

The ad can be viewed at: http://johnedwards.com/watch/together

Full transcript:


We don’t have universal health care because of drug companies, insurance companies and their lobbyists in Washington, DC.

And anybody who argues that every American’s not entitled to health care, I want them to explain to you what child in this country is not worthy of health care?

You’re going to sit at a table with drug companies and oil companies, and they’re going to give away their power? Right. You have to take their power away from them.

There is nothing we can’t do if we do it together.

I’m John Edwards, and I approved this message.

This week, Edwards also kicks off “ Building a Better America” week to highlight his proposals for restoring the American Dream. Edwards has challenged Americans to rise up and meet the great moral test of our time to ensure our generation leaves this country better for our children than it was when our parents gave it to us. This week, Edwards will highlight five core principals:

- Universal Health Care: Edwards will create a true universal health care system that covers everyone in America, brings down costs, and creates more choices and security.

- Good Jobs
: Edwards will invest in the good jobs of the future by creating a new energy economy based on clean, renewable energy, rejecting failed trade deals in favor of new smarter trade policies, and eliminating tax incentives for corporations to invest overseas.

- Excellent Schools
: Edwards will invest in teachers with higher pay and a new National Teachers University, overhaul No Child Left Behind, and invest more to turn around struggling schools. His College for Everyone initiative will let everyone work their way through college.

- Affordable Housing
: Edwards will help families save for a downpayment with a new Get Ahead tax credit, create 1 million housing vouchers to let families live where they choose, build more economically integrated housing.

- Strong Families
: Edwards will work with states to offer eight weeks of paid leave to new parents and workers with serious illnesses in the family. He will also create a universal Great Promise program of early childhood education and more than double the child care tax credit.