NH GOP - Questionable Donations to NH Democrats From "SLUSH FUND" PAC

New Hampshire GOP Asks For Democrat Clarification

New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen: “Democrats across the state and up and down the ballot recently accepted a series of highly questionable campaign contributions that may prove to be a violation of federal election law. The Democrat party says it’s the party of ethics. Paul Hodes, Carol Shea-Porter and Governor John Lynch campaigned on a promise to create a more ethical and open system. However, by accepting these PAC funds, these Democrats are implicitly condoning the process through which the funds were dispersed. This comes just months after some of these same organizations were forced to return questionable donations received from indicated Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu.”

“Unfortunately, this points to a pattern of unethical behavior. Democrats are part of the problem and electing Republicans in November is part of the solution,” concluded Cullen


HOPEFUND PAC Is A Political Action Committee Run By Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama That Donates Money To State, Local And Federal Candidates. (Andrew Malcom, “Now, Obama Admits Campaign/PAC Donation Links, Los Angeles Times - Top of The Ticket Blog , November30, 2007)

“The Political Action Committee Of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., Doled Out $82,000 To New Hampshire Incumbents And Democratic Committees, Months After He Already Was A Presidential Candidate.” “Obama's campaign denied that the checks from the Hopefund Political Action Committee violated federal election laws . . . The donations included $24,000 to Gov. John Lynch, Ex-Gov. And U.S. Senate hopeful Jeanne Shaheen and seven other incumbents, all of whom Obama was courting for a potential endorsement. . . . Hopefund on June 15 had given $5,000 apiece to N.H. Democratic Congressmen Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter. Each got another $4,000 from the PAC on Sept. 27.” ( Nashua Telegraph , November 26, 2007)

The Contributions Represent A Possible Violation Of Federal Election Law. “ The acknowledgment alters the campaign's original account of how donations were directed and raised questions among some legal experts about whether the presidential committee was using Obama's leadership PAC to benefit his campaign.” (John Solomon, “Obama Campaign Worker Discussed PAC Donations,” The WashingtonPost, November 30, 2007)

HOPEFUND PAC Coordinated With The Barack Obama Presidential Campaign On How To Disburse Funds. “ Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign helped recommend several of the donations his political action committee made in recent months to politicians in key primary states as the campaign was working to secure endorsements, campaign officials said yesterday.” (John Solomon, “Obama Campaign Worker Discussed PAC Donations,” The Washington Post, November 30, 2007)

HOPEFUND Has Been Called A Democrat “SlushFund”? “Appearing on CBS's ‘Face the Nation,’ Clinton media guru Howard Wolfson called Obama's Hopefund a ‘slush fund’ that should be closed now that he is a candidate for president.” (John McCormick, “Obama: Hopefund Is Not A ‘Slush Fund’”, The Swamp – Baltimore Sun , December 2, 2007)

New Hampshire Democrats Have Received $73,000 from Hopefund Pac According To Most Recent Filings. (FEC Filings, Accessed December 2, 2007)

Paul Hodes for Congress $4,000.00

Carol Shea-Porter for Congress $4,000.00

NH Democratic Party $5,000.00

Jeanne Shaheen for Senate $5,000.00

Hillsborough County Democrats $1,000.00

Belknap County Democrats $1,000.00

Janeway for Senate $1,000.00

Sullivan County Democrats $1,000.00

Rockingham County Democrats $1,000.00

Iris Estabrook Campaign for State Senate $1,000.00

John Shea $1,000.00

Carroll County Democrats $1,000.00

Strafford County Democratic Committee $1,000.00

Merrimack County Democrats $1,000.00

Grafton County Democrats $1,000.00

Hollingsworth for Executive Council $1,000.00

Cheshire County Democratic Committee $1,000.00

New Hampshire for John Lynch $5,000.00

New Hampshire for John Lynch $1,000.00

Friends of Jackie Cilley $1,000.00

Sgambati 4 Senate $1,000.00

Comm.To Elect Lou D'Allesandro $1,000.00

Maggie '08 $1,000.00

Friends of a Democratic Senate $15,000.00

Committee to Elect House Democrats $15,000.00

Coos County Democrats $1,000.00

Martha Fuller Clark for State Senate $1,000.00

TOTAL: $73,000.00