CEI: Repeal Day Isn't Just About Drinking

December 5th marks the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Bureaucrash has released a new video reminding us that as we celebrate our restored right to drink, we should remember all the things we're still prohibited from doing. Jason Talley, Bureaucrash's Crasher-in-Chief said this about repeal day:

"Repeal day isn't just about the right to drink. We’re using this day to remind people that anytime the government acts, it denies citizens a choice. From smoking to recent attempts to ban bottled water inSan Francisco, we believe that individuals, not the government, should decide what is best for themselves."

Bureaucrash will also be co-sponsoring a social event on December 5th in theWashington,D.C. area to celebrate Repeal Day and toast to small government and personal responsibility. Details available online.


Cord Blomquist

Assistant Editorial Director

Competitive Enterprise Institute