SEIU: GOP Candidates Continue to Disappoint Health Care Voters

NH Voters Point Out Yet Another Romney Switch on Issue-

With polls consistently showing health care as a top issue for voters in this election, health care voters in early primary and caucus states are voicing their disappointment that no Republican candidate has a plan to ensure all Americans have access to health care.

Voters in New Hampshire say they are especially disappointed with Gov.Romney’s apparent switch on the issue. The candidate often talks about his successful record on health care as Governor, but in recent months has refused to wear “I’m a Health Care Voter” stickers and his staff even tried removing health care voters from an event on the steps of the State Library. Photos on the New Hampshire for Health Care web site show Romney wearing the stickers and engaging in conversation with health care voters earlier thisyear.

“Fixing our health care crisis isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue,” said New Hampshire for Health Care State Director John Thyng . “Every family in our state wants to hear how our next President will ensure we all have access to health care. It’s shocking to me that Republican candidates continue to run away from an issue so many voters want answers on.”

Americans for Health Care, a project of SEIU, has beenworking since 2003 to identify and mobilize “Health Care Voters” who agree to make health care their number one issue when voting for candidates. Health care voters in early primary and caucus states have been attending Republican and Democratic candidate events throughout the 2008 campaign to highlight America’s health care crisis and ask candidates their plans for ensuring affordable coverage for all Americans. Visit www.AmericansforHealthCare.orgto learn more.

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