NRCC - Paul Hodes Supports "No Energy" Bill, Killing Jobs and Increasing Dependence on Foreign Energy

Sham Energy Legislation Fails to Address Sharply Rising Gas Prices

Washington- Rep. Paul Hodes ( NH-02 ) voted today for a “No Energy” bill which will raise taxes, send American jobs overseas, increase America’s dependence on foreign energy and create absolutely no new energy supplies. Americans will continue to suffer at the pump and struggle to heat their homes this winter because Paul Hodes and the Democrat-led Congress have not acted in a meaningful way to address rising energy costs. (House Roll Call 1140)

Paul Hodes and the Democrats have failed to enact their “commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices,” and have instead passed a bill which will mandate impossible renewable energy standards nationwide, increasing energy prices and shifting costs from energy producers to consumers.

Paul Hodes promised voters that he would work for real energy reform:

“New thinking on energy is an issue fundamental to our national security, our economic well-being, and protection of the environment. There are very few issues facing us right now that are as important, and that we have the ability to control. We will be more secure as a nation once we reduce our dependence on foreign oil and demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable energy policy.”
- Paul Hodes, 2006 Campaign Website

“ Paul Hodes has broken his promise to his constituents to work hard on real energy reform,” said NRCC Communications Director Jessica Boulanger. “Americans are feeling the pain at the pump this holiday season and instead of working for a solution to rising costs, Paul Hodes voted for higher taxes and a bill with no meaningful solution to the energy crisis. Hodes should be putting the needs of his constituents in New Hampshire over partisan political games in Washington.”