The History of the New Hampshire Primary Now Available in DVD Set

No other political event shapes the Nation quite like the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. Started in 1916, a small change in 1952 turned it into the first voter test for candidates trying to become President of The United States. Since then it has been just that and more. Now for the first time the story is told in this 2 DVD set, running over two hours length.

The Premier Primary; New Hampshire and The Election, is a two part comprehensive documentary history of the New Hampshire Primary. The first part of the documentary was produced in 1987 and covers the early history of the primary up to 1984. It tells how the Primary began and how it came to have the unique role that it does. Part Two was commissioned by the New Hampshire Political Library in 2001 and produced in 2002, it covers the Primaries from 1988 to 2000. Both Parts 1 & 2 were produced by John Gfroerer of Accompany Video Production, Concord, N.H.

The documentary includes many interviews with the New Hampshire people who ran the campaigns, including 6 former New Hampshire governors. In addition there are many old news films, historic photos and other material to help tell the story. Nearly all the historic footage for Part Two was supplied by WMUR/Channel 9 television in Manchester. Both parts are full of memorable moments with candidates as they made their way through the Granite State. You will see John Kennedy begin his campaign in Nashua, Ed Muskie in front of the Union Leader, Ronald Reagan taking charge of the microphone, and Bill Clinton declare himself the “Come Back Kid.” More importantly, some of New Hampshire's key political strategists discuss what went on behind the scenes in the campaigns they worked for..

The Premier Primary: New Hampshire and Presidential Elections is available at selected stores in New Hampshire, including: Gibson’s Book Store, Concord, N.H.., and the New Hampshire Historical Society Museum Store, Concord, N.H. It is also available direct from Accompany in Concord or the New Hampshire Political Library.

For more information, or for a press review copy, please contact Lisa Brown at Or call, 603-226-3130.

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