Edwards Campaign - Weekly Backgrounder - 12.08.07

The Week In Review

Hey, haven’t I seen you here before?

John Edwards returned to New Hampshire this weekend for his 21st trip to the state since he announced his candidacy last December. Edwards spoke to voters in Manchester, Bedford, Peterborough, Claremont, Concord and Derry, taking questions at every stop. Edwards was met by enthusiastic, standing-room-only crowds around the state as he discussed health care, theenvironment, the economy and the war in Iraq. On Saturday, he marked the 14th anniversary of the signing of NAFTA by emphasizing his opposition to NAFTA, CAFTA, Peru and any free trade deal that doesn’t put American workers first, and promising as president to be a tough negotiator on trade.

Boston Globe: Edwards condemns NAFTA on trade deal's 14th anniversary

Union Leader: Edwards: Real leaders take stands

NHPR: Edwards Pitches Social Security Reform in Manchester

Valley News: Edwards Emphasizes Electability


The Keene Sentinel also took a long look at Edwards’ personal story, his upbringing in a mill town and his family life.

Keene Sentinel: Family key in Edwards' second bid forpresident

Don’t touch that remote…

This week we also brought you not one, but two new television ads here in New Hampshire. You can see both ads on cable and broadcast in New Hampshire, or you can see them right here:

“Together”: http://johnedwards.com/watch/together

“Rigged”: http://johnedwards.com/watch/rigged/

Union Leader: John DiStaso’s ‘Granite Status’: The Edwards campaign has aired some of the best television ads of the cycle, and his latest piece is simple but strong.

Or that dial.

John Edwards was also on the radio in New Hampshire this week. Listen to him on:

WBZ (Boston): Edwards talks about his surge in the polls with WBZ's Ed Walsh

WGIR (Manchester): Edwards discusses his campaign for change

You can also hear him discuss health care on WKXL (Concord) later this week at www.wkxl1450.com

Surf’s up!

The wave of momentum continuing to build for Edwards is unmistakable. From packed New Hampshire events, to , to commanding debate performances that continue to set the tone and pace of the race, Edwards is well-positioned in the final weeks of this campaign. If you missed the NPR Democratic candidate forum this week from Iowa, let our friends at Time Magazine and the Washington Post fill you in:

Time.com: Edwards tops debate scorecard

WashingtonPost.com: John Edwards, debate winner

A Look Ahead

This week, we welcome John Edwards’ parents, Bobbi and Wallace Edwards, to New Hampshire for some Graniteroots campaigning. The Edwardses will talk with voters about their son, their lives and the challenges facing everyday American families struggling today to get ahead. Advisory on their trip to follow soon.

National campaign manager Congressman David Bonior will be back in New Hampshire next weekend as well to help energize volunteers and supporters as we enter the final weeks of the campaign. See you out there!