Hey Obamaniacs!

It's an exciting time for New Hampshire quickly growing membership, a radio appearance this afternoon and only two short days until our Citizens Rally & March for Hope. We've heard from Obamaniacs from all over the state and from all over New England who are pumped to attend our rally. We're hoping this could become the largest single event anywhere in the country for the movement, so be sure to come on out and be a part.

One last reminder to be sure to listen in on Portsmouth Community Radio (106.1 FM or streaming at today at noon to hear me appear on former State Sen. Burt Cohen's radio program "Portside." Then Saturday, after our rally, I'll be taping an interview with Boston FoxNews program "The Voting Booth," hosted by Molly Line. Stay tuned for details about when that will be airing.

Tonight, dedicated members are coming to our weekly meet-up in Manchester to reach our to our supporters to make sure they are in attendance on Saturday. Swing by Panera in TJ Maxx Plaza on South Willow Street at 7:30 to help us out.

Lastly, I want to leave you with an inspired message from one of our members, Michallene Hooper. If you too want to share why you've been inspired by Obama, be sure to let us know.

"Why Obama?

The short answer: CHANGE!

Obama is and has always been a "unifier." From his days at Harvard to the Senate floor, he is trying to bring Americans together. More than ever before, we need unity. And the only way we're gonna get that is through the courage to change. We need to change our thinking and get our hope back. We need to change our diplomatic tactics. We need to change our leadership!

Obama is that change. He has the courage. Let's get behind him and see what happens when we have the audacity to hope."

See you all soon. Keep up the good work!

NH Draft Obama

P.S. - Be sure to e-mail us back if you want to get even more involved with this ever-growing Movement! Also, if you'd like to be taken off of this list, e-mail us back as well. Thanks!