Sen. Gravel Speaks To Democratic National Committee

The Winter Meeting of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is designed to showcase potential presidential candidates to members of the DNC – all of whom are Super Delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

The Candidate Presentations will take place Friday & Saturday, Feb. 2-3. The Friday morning schedule includes: Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Wesley Clark, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Mike Gravel, and Tom Vilsack will be speaking Saturday morning.

There will be extensive press coverage. C-Span will be covering the speeches live and there will also be a live WebCast.

Watch for our candidate, Senator Mike Gravel, at 10:05 am on Saturday, Feb. 3.

Keep checking for updates on broadcasts of the event, as well as for comments from campaign staff from the floor of the Winter Meeting on Saturday morning. Get your TIVOs, DVD/Rs, and even a VCR or two ready! We will have 25 campaign staff and volunteers at the Meeting to introduce the Delegates to Mike.

If you miss Mike’s speech on TV, following the Meeting it will be available at in both text and video format.

Space permitting, DNC meetings are open to the public. If you’d like to hear Mike’s speech in person, we encourage you to arrive early to sign up at the guest registration table, which opens at 8 am, to obtain “guest credentials.” Be sure to bring a photo ID.

The DNC meetings will be held at the Hilton Washington Hotel, 1919 Connecticut Ave, NW (202-483-3000)

Closest Metro: Dupont Circle stop on the Red Line (& walk north 3 blocks)

Parking Entrances: (1) on 19th St,., NW, north of Florida Ave; and (2) Connecticut & T streets, NW ($23 for 3-24 hours)


As a critic of both the Vietnam War and of government secrecy, Senator Mike Gravel (Democrat – Alaska, 1969-81) officially released the “top secret” Pentagon Papers. This historical study, whose authors included Daniel Ellsberg, covered the initial U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and the lies and unauthorized actions of several Administrations that kept us in that war of choice.

Mike’s recommendations about our preemptive war in Iraq include immediate withdrawal of our troops. Having waged a five-month, one-man filibuster in 1971 that effectively ended the military draft in the U.S., he believes the Senate needs to take stronger action and is not now fulfilling its responsibilities under the Constitution. Mike disparages the use of non-binding Senate resolutions.

Mike will also ask Americans to assert the inherent political power envisioned by our Founders when they wrote “We, the People do ordain...”

Our Founders knew that future generations would adapt our Constitution to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. What they couldn’t have known is how much money would be needed to campaign for election and re-election, and how that––and other problems in the structure of representative government–– would lead to policies that too often benefit special interest groups rather than reflecting the will of the People.

The National Initiative for Democracy is a proposed legislative package, a Constitutional amendment and a federal statute, that a majority of American voters would need to vote for before it could become law. The National Initiative does not abolish representative government. It would allow citizens to also pass laws on major issues that affect our lives. The National Initiative would reform our democracy, adding another Check to our system of Checks and Balances: We, the People. It would provide a mechanism for the expression of our collective self-interest. We could finally have a government not just “of” and “for” the people, but “by” the People.

Let us know what you think of Mike’s speech.


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