Granite State Taxpayers Disappointed with Lynch’s Budget

Bedford , NH: GST Chairman Roy Stewart expressed disappointment that the Lynch Budget increases "net general fund appropriations" by 14.1% over the previous biennium. Stewart said, “it is unconscionable for government to be growing at an average rate of over 7% a year. This is a budget that throws fiscal discipline to the winds and treats the taxpayers like bottomless pits. The Legislature needs to reign Lynch in.”

Stewart noted that both the 2006 and 2007 budgets show current year deficits and questioned why there should be deficits when revenues are running significantly higher than planned. Stewart said “it appears that Mr. Lynch has a problem monitoring and controlling spending. Every other governor, including Governor Shaheen, issued executive orders regarding spending. It’s time that Mr. Lynch started spending some of his political capital instead of the taxpayer’s dollars.”

Stewart also noted the regressive nature of Lynch’s proposed tax increases, which include a $90 million tax hike on tobacco and a $10 million car registration tax hike.

Stewart congratulated the Governor for reducing the rate of growth in education spending to 5%. He added that, “there is still a lot of fat in education spending. We should be cutting spending, not increasing it, because for a decade we have been sending money to communities that have no need for State education aid.”