Sununu Votes To Support Bush's Iraq Escalation

The DSCC, dedicated to electing a Democratic Senate, released the following Press Release.

Republican Senator John Sununu today endorsed George Bush’s escalation of the war in Iraq, voting against bringing up for debate a resolution opposing the deployment of up to 48,000 troops to the country.

“John Sununu still doesn’t get it,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “George Bush’s Iraq policy has failed, and the American people want a change of direction, not more of the same. John Sununu demonstrated loud and clear today that he supports an escalation of the war in Iraq, and next year New Hampshire voters will have a chance to say just as loudly that they disagree with him.”

On Friday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution opposing an escalation of the Iraq war and supporting the troops. Sununu’s vote helped block the Senate from considering an identical resolution.

Military Experts Overwhelmingly Oppose Iraq Escalation. Outgoing Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker said this week that he voiced concern to the Bush administration about sending more troops to Iraq and, in turn, depleting forces needed at home. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has said, “I am not persuaded that another surge of troops into Baghdad…will work.” Gen. John Abizaid, the former central commander in Iraq, said that he and other top military officials agree that bringing more U.S. troops to Iraq will only prevent the Iraqis “from taking more responsibility for their own future.”

More Than Two-Thirds Of Americans Oppose Escalation. An AP-Ipsos poll found that 70% of Americans oppose sending more troops. According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, 65% of Americans oppose President Bush’s troop escalation plan. Of those, a whopping 56% “strongly” oppose it.

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