New Hampshire Advantage Coalition Draws Line in Sand

Concord- Today the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (NHAC), a bi-partisan, NH-based organization formed to preserve the economic and political blessings that make the state an attractive place to live and work, announced a new initiative to protect the people of the state from judicial activism and economic ruin.

"We are drawing a line in the sand and we are not going to let our judges legislate and force our state to establish a sales or income tax to pay for education," said Chairman Mike Biundo.

Biundo and NHAC supporters are disturbed by the recent Supreme Court ruling requiring that the legislative branch produce a dollar amount for education adequacy, fund it, and ensure its delivery, or suffer a Court order that will take over.

"The courts have clearly over stepped their authority, the best course of action would be for the Legislature not to give in to the courts demand and define an adequate education. Let the court tell the people of New Hampshire that an adequate education comes with a $2 billion income tax price tag attached." said Executive Director Tammy Simmons.

"This situation is not unique to New Hampshire; only five states - Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah - have not had a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of K-12 public school funding. History tells us that states who adopted standards to gauge student performance without any idea of the cost, ended up with more lawsuits and higher taxes." said Director Gardner Goldsmith.

With the recent announcement of his education adequacy plan, Governor John Lynch and his supporters are attempting to do the impossible: objectively define something which is, by its nature, a subjective term.

"Whatever the court's opinion of legislatively passed education plans, the court may not assume legislative powers or force legislative action, nor can it impose its own spending system or tax policy or any other legislative function. No governor or legislature should enforce a court-legislated plan nor can they and remain faithful to their oath to uphold the constitution. This is not an attack on the court or its traditional judicial role. It is merely a defense of the separation of judicial and legislative authority." Chairman Mike Biundo.

The economic and political future of our state depends on the legislators performing their constitutional duty to write the laws, not bow to judiciary pressure. To do anything else would be a disservice to the founders of New< Hampshire, the children in our towns, and the taxpayers who voted them into office.

The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition will be an active watchdog this legislative cycle and is asking this Legislature and the Governor to:

Stand-up against a Sales or Income Tax, Fight to Preserve Local Control; Protect New Hampshire Citizens from Judicial Activism.

For more information please contact: Tammy Simmons, Executive Director, the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (603)-235-9998 (cell), or write: