NH Liberty Alliance showcased at the FSP Liberty Forum

The NH Liberty Alliance will be taking part in and leading several events this weekend at the Free State Project's NH Liberty Forum at the Concord Holiday Inn. NHLA leadership conducted a very successful set of State House tours on Thursday, showing more than 50 visiting members and free staters the capitol, sitting in on legislative hearings and talking to representatives. A followup set of tours will be made on Friday.

NHLA political director Don Gorman will be moderating a panel entitled "Working Together" on Friday at 4:00PM. The panelists will be State Senators Maggie Hassen and Lou D'Allesandro and State Representatives Ken Weyler and Fran Wendelboe. The discussion will be a meeting of the minds of forum attendees and the legislative leadership, with Q&A and a frank discussion of where we can all work together for the common benefit of our fellow New Hampshire citizens.

On Saturday at 10:30AM, Gorman will be leading a seminar on "Becoming an Effective Activist" where attendees will learn such things as the "3 minute rule", proper decorum for legislative and electoral action and much more. Mr. Gorman will also be participating in the closing ceremonies with the FSP leadership and presidential hopeful congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX). The NHLA will have an outreach an information table for the entire Forum and the board of directors will be there to meet members, talk to candidates, and discuss our political and civic goals with all the attendees.