Running Scared: Sununu Still Refuses To 'Fess Up On Iraq

In Interview with Local Newspaper, Sununu Hides Support For Bush’s Iraq Escalation Plan

First John Sununu ran. Now he’s hiding. Weeks after sprinting from reporters questioning him on Iraq, and days after voting for the second time to support George Bush’s Iraq escalation plan, Sununu still won’t discuss his position on the issue – repeatedly ducking the question yesterday in an interview with a New Hampshire newspaper.

“John Sununu can run from reporters and hide from his constituents, but his votes in support of Bush’s escalation of the war in Iraq tell the story as plain as day,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said.“New Hampshire voters are starting to ask why John Sununu is so afraid to defend his record and whether he’ll ever come clean. It’s time for John Sununu to stop playing games and start explaining his votes in support of an escalation in Iraq.”

Sununu Hid Behind Technicalities While Defending His IraqVote . In an interview, Sununu said that he would “welcome an opportunity to vote” on a resolution expressing his view on Bush’s escalation plan but would not indicate how he would vote on the issue, or what amendments he would support. Sununu said that he would not indicate his position because, “there's been no agreement on the terms of the debate,” adding that committing to voting on any resolution, “would have undercut the ability to negotiate or to attempt to negotiate a fair process.” [ConcordMonitor, 2/23/07]

Sununu Ran Away From Reporters When Asked About Iraq Escalation Resolution . When reporters approached Sununuto discuss Iraq, he “took off in a sprint, determined to say as little as possible about a nonbinding resolution opposing President Bush’s troop-escalation plan.” All he would say was, “You know where I stand,”adding, “I’m still looking” at the resolutions “as he fled down stairways at the Capitol.” [WashingtonPost, 2/5/07]

More Than Two-Thirds Of Americans Oppose Escalation. An AP-Ipsos poll found that 70% of Americans oppose sending more troops. According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, 65% of Americans oppose President Bush’s troop escalation plan. Of those, a whopping 56% “strongly” oppose it. [ Washington Post /ABC News Poll, 1/20/07 ; AP-Ipsos Poll, 1/11/07 ]