Walter Reed Hospital Firestorm Comes Home

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Londonderry , NH, Feb. 25, 2007Political Chowder, New Hampshire's newest political television show will feature a conversation with two American Heros, Gold Star Parents Brian and Alma Hart this Sunday, February 25 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST on MyTV (WZMY- aka  channel 50). Political Chowder re-airs during the week on 29 public access stations across NH and can be accessed on the internet. 


Brian and Alma Hart's son, Private First Class John Hart, was killed in Iraq in October 2003. One week before his death, Private John Hart had called his parents concerned and surprised at the lack of military equipment, antiquated medical packs (imagine tourniquets from the Vietnam war) and necessary protective gear (including armored vehicles) available to the troops. After Brian and Alma learned that their son's death could have been prevented if the humvee he was driving in was adequately armored, the couple lobbied tirelessly for funding to equip the troops with the tools essential for survival. Three months after their son's death, the Army agreed to double its order of up-armored humvees.
 Quickly they became heroes to thousands of soldiers.


In 2004, a humvee was almost completely totaled in a roadside attack, but the heavy bomb proof armor that encased the passenger compartment was still completely intact. The soldier who survived the attack made a cardboard sign that read, "Thanks Brian and Alma Hart, Senator Kennedy and everybody else who cares for our well being and makes an effort. You have saved lives."


For the last three+ years Brian and Alma have been working round the clock to protect the lives of American soldiers serving in war torn Iraq.  Recently, Brian and Alma Hart began to speak out against the poor treatment physically and mentally wounded USsoldiers face after returning home. Just last week, Washington Post reporter, Dana Priest, created a firestorm when she reported on the horrific conditions at the outpatient facilities of Walter ReedHospital .  Brian and Alma were not only aware of the problems at Walter Reed but on Political Chowder they offer suggestions to correct the intolerable conditions at Walter Reed and go one step further. The Harts pose a series of questions that must be addressed by each and every presidential candidate, if the situation is to truly improve for our voluntary forces.(see below for link to Brian Hart's blog that posts the critical questions)


The segment featuring Brian and Alma Hart can be viewed through Google Video or listened to via podcast by logging on to

Questions Alma and Brian Hart would like New Hampshire Voters to Ask Presidential Candidates

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Post: Questions Alma and Brian Hart would like New Hampshire Voters to Ask Presidential Candidates

 This Washington Post Magazine article contains a great deal of information about Brian & Alma Hart's work for soldiers and their families.