New Hampshire State Prison expands group programs to high security inmates

( Concord , NH ) New Hampshire Department of Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn announced that certain group educational and mental health treatment programs are now provided in the New Hampshire State Prison for Men's Secure Housing Unit (SHU) in Concord . Inmates assigned to the SHU are normally housed in single rooms and their interaction is restricted. Using a specially built therapy booth, as many as four high security inmates now receive treatment and programs designed to better prepare them for release.

The inmates can participate in group therapy facilitated by the prison's mental health staff and can take World History, American Literature, personal finance, and health classes provided by the prison's education team. This will also allow for better group interaction between offenders and religious volunteers.

"We have an obligation to offer correctional treatment and rehabilitation to even the most dangerous offenders and this is a good way to meet that obligation while providing them with positive support in a safe environment for inmates and staff," Commissioner Wrenn said.

Classes and therapy groups will be scheduled daily. Approximately eighty offenders are housed in the SHU on average.