Thank You, NH! -- Radio, Print & TV Coverage -- What's Next?!

NH Obamaniacs!

What an incredible day yesterday  and YOU made it possible! Grassroots activism is alive and well in the Granite State and, thanks to YOUR hard work over the last couple weeks, New Hampshire, New England, and (literally) the ENTIRE COUNTRY heard about the NH Draft Obama Citizens Rally & March for Hope in Manchester! Don't believe us?! Read on...

It started with a surprise phone call in the morning from Chad Stokes Urmston of the bands State Radio and Dispatch  which just became the first unsigned artist with no major radio play to sell out Madison Square Garden, all to raise money for and awareness of the atrocities in Zimbabwe. Chad was en route to a gig in Brunswick, ME and wanted to stop by the rally to see what the buzz in NH for Obama was really all about. Our friend Ed (and Manchester resident) brought his guitar and Chad played a song before having to take off for Vacationland.

** Watch the clip of Chad's performance beginning Monday on! Just Search for "NH Draft Obama Citizens Rally with Chad Urmston on 2/3/07".

Melissa of Seabrook sang a mind-blowing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner! Bobby of Exeter got people not only thinking  but actually talking to one another - about why each of us took the time to show up... TRULY making it an unconventional rally! Boston-based WBZ NewsRadio 1030 (a CBS affiliate) filed a great report on the rally, sharing with its listeners the excitement, hope, and optimism of those who drove from miles around to attend.

** Listen to the WBZ NewsRadio 1030 report online!

Following the speaking program, event participants put the finishing touches on their rally signs, put on their coats and walking shoes, and head out to Elm Street, where they marched and were received with honks and cheers! A photographer from the Manchester Union Leader caught the action and included it on page 3 with all of the other NH Primary happenings of the weekend... even though our candidate wasn't in the state!

** Read the New Hampshire Sunday News article !

As soon as the marchers returned to NH Draft Obama spokesman Steve Sullivan headed off to the Merrimack Restaurant for a live interview with NATIONAL FOX NEWS! While we?re unable to track down a copy of the tape, know that Steve riled up the crowd back at Milly's Tavern with his articulate description of the day's events!

All in all, it was a phenomenal day and one that we won?t soon forget. Thanks to everyone who came out and who spread the word! Momentum is truly building ? not only in NH, but across the country. Sure, Chicago will go nuts when the Bears kickoff at Super Bowl XLI in just under a half hour... but the REAL kickoff is about 200 miles south in Springfield this coming Saturday when Senator Obama announces his intentions for 2008!

WHAT'S NEXT?! Stay tuned, friends...