Epsom , NH – Attorney Tony Soltani today announced that he will be forming a committee in connection with a run for the Executive Council seat held by John Shea. Soltani said, “It is already apparent that Governor Lynch intends to make appointments to important agency positions based not on experience and merit, but on cronyism and politics. If the citizens of New Hampshire are to have the best government possible, then the Executive Council must act as a check and balance on the Governor, not a rubber-stamp. And I intend to offer myself to the voters as that needed check and balance.

Soltani is arguably the most qualified candidate to run for Executive Council in terms of its constitutional role in deciding whether to confirm judges nominated by the Governor. Soltani served as a member of the House Judiciary Committee for eight years and as its Vice-Chair for the last two. He also served two years as a member of the Court Accreditation Committee, and three years as a Governor-at-Large of the New Hampshire Bar Association, which was responsible for vetting all judicial nominees. Soltani said, “It is vitally important that those who serve as judges are committed to faithfully apply the law, not rewriting it.”