You should've been there!

We just returned to New Mexico after an electrifying speech by Governor Richardson at this past weekend's DNC Winter Meeting in DC. The Governor really connected with people there; after he spoke, we were swarmed by fellow Democrats who wanted to learn more about the campaign and how they could help. 

The Governor received seven standing ovations - more than any other candidate - keeping him on stage for eighteen dynamic minutes. You can see the whole thing here: 

Click here to watch Governor Richardson's speech

From clean energy to education, the Governor tackled issues that matter to every American - but with the confidence that only comes from years of experience as Secretary of Energy, UN Ambassador and governor: 

    I set tough standards to reduce greenhouse emissions.  We’ve invested directly in energy efficiency.  And no other state has done as much to promote renewable energy - with tax credits for using wind, solar, and biofuels.  We’ve eliminated taxes on hybrid cars - and we’re requiring utility companies to start producing energy from renewable sources ... 

    My state has become the clean energy state.  There’s no reason we can’t become the clean energy nation. 

    And then there was the issue on the front of everyone's mind, Iraq: 

    The War in Iraq is not the disease.  Iraq is a symptom.  The disease is arrogance.

    The next President must be able to repair the damage that’s been done to our country’s reputation over the last six years.  It’s why experience in foreign affairs has never been more important. 

Those are just some of the highlights. Watch the entire speech and tell us what you think: 

Click here to watch Governor Richardson's speech

The response from supporters, the media and the online community has been overwhelmingly positive.  Take a blogger from a Massachusetts-based site who said the "speech was funny, charming, plain-spoken, bold, passionate, and had the crowd on its feet cheering numerous times."

But I'm also interested in your reaction.  Watch the video and give your feedback here: 

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Thanks to speeches like this and supporters like you, we're off to a great start.  Every day, the Governor's message reaches new voters, and that's how we're going to succeed, one vote at a time. 

P.S.  Governor Richardson will be part of a special nationwide conference call tonight at 8:30 EST.  If you're interested, you can get more info here: 


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