Senate Republicans Call for Parity on Flooding Assistance

Today in the Senate Committee on Finance Republican Leader Ted Gatsas (R-Manchester) presentedSenate Bill 35 (SB 35.)

This legislation appropriates funding for disaster relief assistance in response to the May 2006 floods (a.k.a Mother’s DayFloods) in which 113 New Hampshire communities were affected. The bill limits a municipality’s cost share to 12.5 percent or $5,000 whichever is less.

Senator Gatsas began,“this legislation is about parity. SB 35 is about giving the devastated communities the same financial assistance that we gave to those municipalities victimized in the southwestern part of the state in October of 2005.”

Speaking in support of the bill Senator Bob Clegg (R-Hudson) added, “when the legislature responded to the October floods we set a precedent in fast-tracking natural disaster legislation. SB 35 simply asks for the exact same action. The state has an obligation to the municipalities and up until now we have been neglectful.”

Governor John Lynch lauded his support for SB 35. In a letter sent to the Senate Finance Committee he surmised that based on the severity of the May floods the state has an obligation to step in and reimburse the municipalities.

SB 35 was passed favorably out of the Senate Committee on Finance OTP 6-0 and will face a vote before the full Senate.