U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential exploratory committee today announced the formation of the California finance team, a 70-member leadership team working to support Senator McCain’s efforts in the Golden State and nationwide.

The California finance team is the most recent group of notable supporters to join the Arizona Senator’s growing grassroots organization in the state.

The team includes five national co-chairs, 20 national finance committee members,and 45 California finance committee members.

Senator John McCain stated that he was fortunate to have the solid support of so many influential Californians. “These individuals are respected in California, and around the country, for good reason. They have all been extraordinarily successful in business and demonstrated a commitment to positively change their communities,” said Senator McCain. “With their support, I intend to have a meaningful discussion with voters about the important choices that need to be made in order to strengthen the future of our country.”


National Co-Chairs

Honorable George Argyros

Donald Bren

JohnC hambers


J. Gary Shansby

National Finance Committee

Honorable Dean Andal

Bill Bloomfield

Michael Burns

Honorable Jeff Denham

Hal Furman

John Hagestad

John Hotchkis

Gary Hunt

Honorable William “Bill” Jones

Gerry Kamilos

Terry Lanni

Howard Lester

General William Lyon

James McGovern

John McGovern

James Montgomery

Al Montna

Bill Siart

Harry Sloan

Marc Stern

California Finance Committee

Jaime Bonilla

Fritz Brown

Bob Cassano

John Chamberlain

Dr. Jong Chen

Adam Coffey

Andrew H. Cummins

Hal Dittmer

Charles “Buzz” DuPont

Steve Eggert

Steve Francis

Sam Hardage

Joseph O. Harper

Michael Hayde

Anthony B. Helfet

John Heubusch

Don Hildre

David Janes

Brice Jones

John Koeberer

Honorable Steve Kuykendall

Rob Lapsley

Ken Lauer

Fred Maas

Ken Markstein

Sean McAvoy

Ron Meer

Steve Merksamer

Honorable Rod Pacheco

Dan S. Palmer

Honorable George Plescia

Carolyn Reid

Robert J. Reynolds

Richard Roeder

Nathan Rosenberg

Carol Rudat

Dave Rudat

Don Sebastiani

Mark Stefanek

Donald R. Stephens

Joe Tavaglione

Charles Trainor

Honorable Van Tran

Ravi Tumber

Marty Wilson