Former Governor Cellucci joins Arnie Arnesen, host of Political Chowder

Political Chowder , New Hampshire's newest political television show, will air on Sunday, March 11, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST on MyTV (WZMY – the old Channel 50). Political Chowder re-airs on 28 public access stations across NH. Check local listings for times and days.

The Week in Rewind Talkers:

Roger H. Goun , Technical director and a member of the Board of Directors of Democracy for New Hampshire.

David Hess , Republican State Representative from Hooksett NH , serves on the House Education and Rules Committees

Katrina Swett , Democratic candidate for the US Senate.

The Big Get:

  • Paul Cellucci , former Governor of Massachusetts and Former US Ambassador to Canada
  • James Pindell , Presidential primary reporter for The Boston Globe

The Discussion :

· Paul Cellucci's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani for President, "This election is about leadership. Extraordinary leadership capabilities."

· Arnie, Globe reporter Pindell and Former Governor Cellucci will weigh in on the latest presidential poll released by the Washington Post. Giuliani leads the pack with 44%, McCain with 21% and Gingrich with 15%. Where is Mitt?

The Week in Rewind :

· Lynch changes education funding plan… again.

· L-Chip (the program to save NH's open space)- earmarked funding passes House-The plan - $40 fee per document filed with the Registry of Deed

· Looking for consistency, dueling press releases from the Republican Party; "Democrats Ignore our neediest Citizens, (Compassionate Republican's plan to spend an additional $7 million to eliminate disability wait list fails). " House Democrats, Taxing and Spending."

· He is in, he is out, he is in, he is out... the race for Democratic Party Chairman

· Property taxes are a problem you say? Senator Gatsas wants to help the elderly

· Town meetings are heating up. 180 of New Hampshire's 237 towns have included an article on their warrants to address the issue of global warming. Now the question is, what does this issue have to do with mining Helium 3 on the moon for energy use on Earth. Sounds far out… but China gets it.

· Word out this week that at least Senator Sununu doesn't have to worry about a political attack from a yogurt maker or that of a trial lawyer but Katrina Swett, former congressional candidate and wife of Ambassador Dick Swett heats up the race with her plans for her upcoming senatorial campaign.