Lynch Move to Increase Education Spending

Proves adequacy definition undefinable

Manchester - With the admission that he has changed his mind already on education spending, Governor John Lynch has proven that the definition of an adequate education is unachievable.

"If he is changing his mind now, obviously even John Lynch isn't sure of what he thinks is an adequate education," said Tammy Simmons, Executive Director of the NHAC. "This isn't a good sign for the hard working people of New Hampshire."

Lynch told reporters on March 8 that he was suddenly changing his plan for education spending. Instead of dropping the redistribution formula from last year, as he originally said he would, Lynch will now keep the old plan, and increase spending by another $50 million.

"That's reckless," said NHAC Chairman Mike Biundo. "To indiscriminately change one's mind at the expense of the taxpayers is arbitrary and short-sighted. What is $50 million today could be $1.2 billion in July."

It also indicates an inconsistency in John Lynch's rhetoric. Without providing a rationale, the Governor has repeatedly said he believes the "Claremont" and "Londonderry" education lawsuit decisions were properly adjudicated. He has also said that he believes the legislature should, and can, define what is an "adequate education" for every child in the state by the unenforceable July 1, 2007 deadline imposed by the Court.

But as the legislature scrambles to acquiesce to an improper Court ruling and its arrogant imposition of a deadline to define "adequacy", Lynch is embracing an education spending plan that he, himself, agreed was "unconstitutional" based on the court's ruling.

"One can't blame Governor Lynch if he is confused," said Biundo. "For too long, he and many members of the legislature have believed that the Court can just 'order up' law".

The income and sales tax clouds are on the horizon unless the legislature stands up for its law-making role, rather than cowering like John Lynch, and agreeing to abide by an empty Court "order" that has no founding in history, civics, or proper constitutional analysis.

The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition is a bi-partisan, NH-based organization formed to preserve the economic and political blessings that make the state an attractive place to live and work.

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