Coalition Group moves to destroy New Hampshire's way of life

Manchester, NH - The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition released the following statement regarding the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition's commitment to end New Hampshire's pledge to oppose an income tax or sales tax at the following town meetings Westmoreland, Harrisville, Holderness, Milton, Sandwich, Amherst, Henniker, Plainfield, Cornish, Hancock, Francestown, Hinsdale, Peterborough and Sharon.

"Ending "the Pledge" will open the door to a sales or income tax. It's unfortunate that the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition's chooses to use misleading language to help push their main agenda item. If they truly believe that property taxes are burdensome, then I would suggest they focus their efforts on getting control of the runaway train that is local spending" said Mike Biundo, Chairman of the NH Advantage Coalition.

"I find it misleading that a group whose treasurer is pro-income tax advocate and former State Senator Mark Fernald, now claim they are not advocating a "specific tax." continued Biundo.

"This thinly veiled attempt to advocate new taxes is starkly parallel to the Governor and Leadership's unwillingness to stand up to the Court's illegitimate and impossible demand to define 'adequacy.' This leaves New Hampshire rolling towards a $2 billion Supreme Court mandated education income tax destination." said Michael Biundo

Last week members of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, a bi-partisan NH-based organization, warned New Hampshire citizens that they will be soon facing an income tax, if elected officials in Concord don't refuse the Court's illegitimate and impossible demand to define 'adequacy' by pre-releasing the "New Hampshire Income Tax" - a dark portent for the future.

The new tax form can be seen on the NHAC's website <>;