DSCC Warns GOP Senators Against Opposing Change of Course in Iraq

VIEW VIDEO HERE: http://www.dscc.org/news/roundup/20070313_iraqvid/

As the Senate prepares to vote on a Democratic proposal to changedirection in Iraq,the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a new web video today urgingRepublican Senators to stop supporting George Bush’s failed stay thecourse strategy.

“Time is up for Republican Senators,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “Republicans have achoice today: keep supporting the president’s failed policy or vote tochange course in Iraq. Republican Senators that ignore their constituents and follow George Bushin obstructing change in Iraqdo so at their own peril.”

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Majorityof 2006 Voters Want to Withdraw from Iraq. Accordingto exit polls from the November elections, a majority of voters – 55% -wanted to withdraw some or all U.S.troops from Iraq. [CNN.com, accessed 3/12/07]

SenateDemocrats Proposed Plan To Bring Troops Home. Earlier thismonth, Senate Democrats introduced a binding resolution that would begin towithdraw U.S. troops from Iraq within 120 days and would set as a goal thewithdrawal of all combat troops by the end of March 2008. [Los Angeles Times, 3/9/07]

SenateRepublicans Blocked IraqDebate Twice in February. In early February, a majority ofSenate Republicans voted against moving forward with a debate on PresidentBush’s troop escalation plan in Iraq. Less than two weeks later, amajority of Republicans again voted to block an Iraq debate. [Vote 44, U 2/5/07; New YorkTimes, 2/6/07;Vote 51, U 2/17/07; LosAngeles Times, H U 2/18/07]

AmericanPublic Overwhelmingly Opposes Troop Escalation. According toa March NBC-Wall Street Journal poll, 63% of Americans oppose PresidentBush’s troop escalation plan and 55% “strongly” oppose it.The WashingtonPost-ABC survey showed that 67% oppose the escalation. [NBC-WSJ Poll, 3/9/07;WashingtonPost, H 2/27/07]