Sununu Vote: More of the Same in Iraq

(PORTSMOUTH, NH)—U.S. Senate candidate Mayor Steve Marchand (D-Portsmouth) today expressed strong disappointment in Senator John Sununu’s (R-NH) vote against setting a reasonable timetable for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Sununu’s vote is the latest in a series of votes which support the Bush Administration’s strategy of deploying increased levels of U.S. troops in Iraq indefinitely.

“John Sununu has again voted to support President Bush’s policy of continuing America’s indefinite presence in what is effectively an Iraqi civil war,” said Marchand, who supported the bill. “America should never be afraid of fighting and winning the War on Terror, and our elected officials should not be afraid of adjusting our strategy to ensure we win that war.”

“Simply put, a vote against this bill is a vote for more of the same in Iraq,” said Marchand.

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