Political Chowder discusses US Senator Sununu's call for Attorney General Gonzales' dismissal

is it about the 2008 election or about loss of confidence in the Attorney General?


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The Week in Rewind Talkers:

  NH State Senator Jackie Cilley (D)

  State Rep. Maureen Mooney (R)

  NH Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Claire Ebel


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The Interview:

NH CLU's Claire Ebel, Manchester Civil Rights Attorney Steve Borofsky

The Discussion:

Attorney General Gonzales' missteps, including the firing of 8 US attorneys, the FBI's improper use of the Patriot Act to gain information on US citizens and the call this week by Senator Sununu for Gonzales' dismissal (Sununu was the first Republican Senator to join a chorus of Democrats to call for Gonzales' removal)

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