Shea-Porter asks House Armed Services Committee for Investigation

WASHINGTON - Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has addressed a letter to the House Armed Services Committee, asking for an investigation of allegations that wounded soldiers at Fort Benning, GA, are being returned to Iraq before they have fully recovered from their injuries.  The letter has been co-signed by twenty other members of the House of Representatives.

Ike Skelton, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, has asked the General Accountability Office to begin a study of conditions at Fort Benning and elsewhere.  "It is important," he said, "to understand whether these allegations are limited to a specific region, base or commander or whether this is a systematic problem within a specific Service or whether it is being experienced by other Services as well." 

If the GAO investigation leads to evidence of wrongdoing it is likely the House Armed Services Committee will proceed with hearings.

"Every step of the way," said Shea-Porter, "we find that this administration has looked the other way when our troops were in need.  Our soldiers have done their duty.  It's time for us to fight for them."

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