Straight Talk Express Rolls Through New Hampshire

Snow Plow Led Straight Talk Express Through New Hampshire

Snow Plow With “GIT R DNE” License Plate Cleared The Way For Straight Talk Express. “McCain’s five-car, two-bus crew pushed out onto about a half-foot of snow prepared for the challenge. With a snowplow-equipped pickup truck (License plate: GIT RDNE) leading the way, the convoy encountered no delays from the hotel in Nashua to the first stop of the day in Milford.” (Jonathan Martin, Politico’s “Smith And Martin” Blog,“The Well-Oiled McCain Machine,” ,3/17/07)

McCain Battled “Spitting Sleet And The Freezing Rain … As McCain’s ‘Straight Talk Express’ Bus Tour Criss-Crossed” New Hampshire. “Through the spitting sleet and the freezing rain, along the barely plowed back roads of Milford, Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican Presidential candidate, let Tim Gagnon take the lead. In the midst of a Nor’easter, McCain hired Gagnon, a 20-year-oldplowdriver from Pembroke, to lead the way as McCain’s ‘Straight Talk Express’ bus tour criss-crossed the state.” (Russ Choma, “McCain Backs NH Primary, Defends Iraq War Stance,” [Manchester, NH] Union Leader, 3/18/07)

“[McCain Continued] His Bus Tour Saturday And Sunday With A Jam-Packed Schedule That [Took] Him All Over The State Before Returning Next Weekend For More Events.” (Liz Sidoti, “Challenges Await McCain In Iowa,” The Associated Press,3/17/07)

· (Jonathan Martin, Politico’s “SmithAnd Martin” Blog, “The Well-Oiled McCain Machine,”,3/17/07)

· (Russ Choma, “McCain Backs NH Primary, Defends Iraq War Stance,” [Manchester, NH] Union Leader, 3/18/07)

Eye On 08 Blog: “I can’t help but think that McCain really helped himself this weekend in New Hampshire.” (“Eye On 08” Blog, “A View From The Road,” ,3/18/07)

McCain “Laying Out A Challenge To The Presidential Field: Come Out From Behind The Pre-Programmed Events And Five-Minute ‘Press Availabilities.’” “[T]he other presidential candidates would do well to take notice. McCain is again laying out a challenge to the presidential field: Come out from behind the pre-programmed events and five-minute ‘press availabilities.’” (Michael Scherer, “McCain Takes The Press For A Bumpy Ride,”,3/18/07)

New Hampshire’s Green Mountain Politics Blog: “McCain is running the most open and accessible campaign ever. Everything about the campaign screams ‘ACCESS!’.” (“Green Mountain Politics” Blog, “OnThe Bus!” ,3/18/07)

New Hampshire Voters On McCain

Richard Lowney Of Amherst, NH: “Some of these guys go from being people to becoming candidates … McCain doesn’t care about polls. He cares about what he believes. This isn’t about politics, it’s about what he believes.” (Philip Elliott, “In N.H., McCain Tries To Regain Spirit Of2000,” The Associated Press, 3/18/07)

Karl Zahn Of Milford, NH Tells Sen. McCain: “I Love You.” “‘I’m going to speak from the heart today… I love you,’ Milford resident Karl Zahn told McCain, while glancing to the senator’s wife during the question-and-answer session. ‘Sorry, Cindy.’” (Steve Bodnar, “Straight Talk Express Plows Into Milford,” The [Nashua, NH]Telegraph, 3/18/07)

· Zahn: “The first time I ever voted Republican was for John McCain … I think he puts what’s best for the country in front of his own self-interests.” (Steve Bodnar, “Straight Talk Express Plows Into Milford,” The[Nashua, NH] Telegraph, 3/18/07)

Former NH Republican Party Chair Jayne Millerick Said McCain Is “Able To Hit The Ground Running … Has The Most Experience… [And] The Courage To Lead This Country At This Time In Our Nation’s History.” “When I decided to endorse Senator McCain, I thought back and said what is the most important issue facing the nation today, and what are the important issues to all of us – and when Isat back to think about it, of course what I thought was national security. And I looked at the field, and said, when we elect the next president, who is going to be able to hit the ground running, who has the most experience, and who do I trust to have the courage to lead this country at this time in our nation’s history? For me, and I know for a lot of you, that person is Senator McCain.” (Jayne Millerick, Remarks At John McCain 2008 House Party, Bow, NH, ,3/18/07)

Restaurant Customer In Manchester, NH: “I voted for you last time, you should have got it last time, you are going to be a good president I hope you make it, I mean it, I think you would do a good job.” (John McCain 2008 Website, “Straight Talk Express In Manchester and Concord, NH,” ,3/17/07)

Restaurant Customer In Concord, NH: “I was thinking this morning that straight talk might be kind of a fancy name for a bus but it’s true, cause I have listened to politician after politicians and you do not fib so that is a very appropriate title.” (McCain Video, , Accessed3/19/07)

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