CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Chairman Fergus Cullen released the following statement concerning Gov.Lynch’s proposed constitutional amendment regarding education funding:

“I am pleased Gov. Lynch has adopted the Republican position that a constitutional amendment is the only way to provide targeted aid for education to communities that need it. But I have two concerns.

First, Gov. Lynch’s commitment to funding 50 percent of education expenses without discussing the potential cost of an adequate education begs the question, ’50 percent of what?’ How can we be sure we can fund 50 percent of an unknown amount within existing revenue sources? Will Gov. Lynch’s amendment require an increase in the statewide property tax, gambling, or a broad-based tax? Governor Lynch is proposing that we commit to purchasing a new car without even talking about what we can afford or how we will pay for it.

Second, Gov. Lynch’s amendment invites future lawsuits by those who will always say the state is not spending enough on education, no matter what amount it ends up being. New Hampshire needs to fund education in a stable, predictable way without a broad-based tax and without endless court intervention. This issue belongs in the legislature, not the courts.