HB 774, a bill to allow medical marijuana in New Hampshire, is likely to be voted on by the full House of Representatives this Tuesday. NH Common Sense, the NH Marijuana Policy Initiative, and the NH Liberty Alliance are working together on this bill.

The legislature is divided on this issue. It really could go either way.Whether the State of New Hampshire continues to persecute sick and dying patients, or grants them compassion and dignity, is going to depend on YOU. Not "someone", not "them", but YOU, individually and personally.

Are you willing to spend just a few minutes to make a real difference? Please follow all three of the steps below.

Step One: A Quick Email
It's fast and easy. Visit this webpage to send a mail to your Representatives:

Step Two: Follow Up With A Phone Call
Email is easy, but its effect is limited.
To really make a difference, your Representatives need to hear from you, in person, on the phone. Remember, your NH State Rep is your neighbor and your voice in government. Calling your Rep is easy and will take only a few minutes.

First, find your Representatives' phone numbers at this site:
You may have several Reps. Please call each of them!

Be friendly and courteous, even if the Rep disagrees on this issue. Always be respectful. It's fine to leave a message. Give your name, the city you live in, and your phone number (in case they have questions)

If you don't know what to say, here's a start:
"Hello, my name is <name> and I live in <town>. I am asking you to pass HB774, and allow marijuana for medical use. I don't think it's humane for government to be arresting terminally ill patients and people who are in serious, chronic pain. I understand the Federal government might still prosecute these people, but the State of New Hampshire should not. Maybe marijuana helps these people and maybe it doesn't, but sending them to jail is just wrong."

Step Three: Let Us Know!
After you've spoken to your Reps, send an email to research@nhliberty.org
Include in the mail:
  • The name of each Rep you called
  • If you spoke to them, did they say they were in favor of the bill, against the bill, or undecided? If you left a message, let us know that.

Willing To Do More?
We need to ensure that EVERY ONE of the 400 State Representatives is contacted on this issue. If you are willing to make more phone calls beyond your specific Reps, please let us know in your follow-up email. We'll give you a list of Reps that still need to be contacted.

With your help, we can make New Hampshire a more compassionate and sensible place.